Aluminium cladding has gained immense popularity in recent years as a preferred choice for facade, wall, and ceiling cladding. Its exceptional external design, versatility in shaping aluminium into various forms, high reliability, and lightweight finished structures have contributed to its increasing demand.

AlumixPRO cladding systems and aluminium facing panels are considered the optimal materials for building construction, not only for their functional advantages and appealing appearance but also due to their cost-effectiveness. We offer a wide range of aluminium cladding options in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the most suitable solution for any purpose.

Cladding with aluminium panels and lamellas showcase exquisite building design and an incredible array of colours and wood grains.

The main advantages of our cladding panels are:
Best price
Easy installation
Certified product
Australian Made
Durable (NO warp, rot or twist)
Scratch / Stain / Chip Resistance
What does it look like?
blueprint-2 blueprint-2
blueprint-3 blueprint-3
blueprint-12 blueprint-12
blueprint-22 blueprint-22
blueprint-36 blueprint-36
blueprint-1 blueprint-1
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 blueprint-48 blueprint-48
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Available sizes and prices
Available colors
  • Afzelia American orange tick Ash Ash Cedar Aspen Atlantic Cedar Australian Cedar Bally silk wood
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