Discover our exceptional slat collection! Crafted with precision, our slats feature a variety of designs, including closed rectangular or square shapes, to perfectly complement your space. The slats are securely fastened to a horizontal aluminium track, using a discreet corner attachment from the back side. With our team of experts, we offer obligation-free consultations to discuss your unique project requirements.

Use our convenient online project calculator to estimate costs. Whether you prefer professional installation by our skilled team or a complimentary installation demonstration for DIY enthusiasts, we've got you covered. Take advantage of our free delivery within a 30-kilometre radius of our Gold Coast premises. Contact us now to explore the possibilities and transform your space with our exquisite slat solutions!

The main advantages of our slats are:
Best price
Easy installation
Certified product
Australian Made
Durable (NO warp, rot or twist)
Scratch / Stain / Chip Resistance
What does it look like?
blueprint-4 blueprint-4
blueprint-23 blueprint-23
blueprint-24 blueprint-24
blueprint-39 blueprint-39
blueprint-40 blueprint-40
blueprint-5 blueprint-5
blueprint-6 blueprint-6
blueprint-9 blueprint-9
blueprint-10 blueprint-10
blueprint-11 blueprint-11
blueprint-25 blueprint-25
blueprint-26 blueprint-26
blueprint-27 blueprint-27
blueprint-28 blueprint-28
blueprint-32 blueprint-32
blueprint-33 blueprint-33
blueprint-34 blueprint-34
blueprint-35 blueprint-35
Slats system
Available colors
  • Afzelia American orange tick Ash Ash Cedar Aspen Atlantic Cedar Australian Cedar Bally silk wood
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