Technical Specifications

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Below prices include woodgrain colour and material Part A and B.

Here's our sizes and prices for Alpha-clip.


16x65 @6500mm Part A and B - 101$+GST
16x100 @6500mm Part A and B - 135$+GST

Castellated cladding

16x100+30mm @6500mm T Shape batten Part A and B - 155$+GST
16x65+30mm @6500mm T Shape batten Part A and B - 120$+GST

16x100+30mm @6500mm J Shape batten Part A and B - 155$+GST
16x65+30mm @6500mm J Shape batten Part A and B - 120$+GST


38x16 @5800mm Part A and B - 79$+GST
25x50mm @6500mm Part A and B (wide) - 115$+GST
50x25mm @6500mm Part A and B (slim) - 115$+GST
70x25mm @6500mm Part A and B (25mm side clip) - 135$+GST

50x50 @6500mm Part A and B - 141$+GST
50x50 @5800mm Part A and B - 131$+GST
100x50 @6500mm Part A and - 200$+GST
100x50 @5800mm Part A and B - 189$+GST
150x50 @5800mm Part A and B - 250$+GST
Press fit end caps 6.50$+GST

We also produce our cladding-soffits AEzcladd.

157x18.0.5mm @5.1m- price 11$L/M+GST including material and woodgrain (56.65$+GST Per Length)

We can produce custom size from 4800mm up to 6800mm.
The recommended size is 5150 to 5800mm.

140x16x1mm @5.8 - price 97$ per length V groove
(Wood feel like panels) 157x18mm @5.1m- price 15$L/M+GST including material and woodgrain
No clip J shape channels Just slide in - 70$+GST @6500mm
Starter, connector and edge cover - 70$+GST @6500mm

Cladding 157mm and 156mm can be produced in lengths of 5100-6500mm.

Cladding 140mm width, 5800mm length, 1.3mm thickness

Cladding 157mm width, 16mm depth, 0.5mm thickness of aluminum used in aviation industry

Cladding 156mm width, with a small recess that divides the cladding into 78mm, 16mm depth, 1.1mm thickness, H33 aluminum

Cladding 140mm is priced at $16.8 per linear meter

Cladding 156mm is priced at $14 per linear meter

Cladding 157mm is priced at $11 per linear meter

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Aluminium is one of the strongest and lightest materials favoured in architecture.Distinguished by its incredible resistance and durability, it is the ideal material for our natural wood alternatives, designed specifically to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Our patented AEZCLADD products have passed wind load and combustibility tests and are suitable for use in commercial and residential projects.They are lightweight and easy to install, with no experience required.


Our battens are made up of fasade aluminium strips with decorative powder coating in a single matte RAL colour and slats of closed rectangular or square shape.
The fastening of the slats to the walls is carried out on a horizontal
aluminium track, using a corner attached from the back side.

Standard rail sizes:
rail section 75x25mm angle
rail section 38x46mm square
rail section 38x16mm
rail section 150x50mm
rail section 65x16mm
rail section 100x16mm
rail section 25x50mm
cross-section of the rail 50x25mm
cross-section of the rail 50x50mm
rail section 100x50mm

The maximum length of the aluminium lamella is 6500mm

We can also custom make to your specific requirements.

Stages of aluminium batten production:
Stage 1. Manufacturing of aluminium.
Stage 2. Cleaning, painting, priming.
Stage 3. Panel fabrication.
Step 4. Painting AKZO Nobel and baking at 200°C
Stage 5. Sublimation ofcolours (Italian production)

Our entire manufacturing process takes place in our Gold Coast premises, expediting the production process and minimising costs, allowing us to deliver a high quality, affordable product.